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Top Websites to Download Free Audiobooks

Are you ready to download your favorite audiobooks? If yes, then here we come across some interesting information for you. Book reading lovers are fond of reading different genres of books and audiobooks that inspire them at some point in time. Reading the audiobooks by downloading them through online sources is quite easy. Some of the websites offer to download by paying a small amount, and some of the websites give you free access to download. So here we are! Here we have a rundown list of best websites to download free audiobook right now:

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Top YouTube to mp3 App (Android & iOS)

Let’s be on the same page for a while that finding a free and legit online converter for any video whether it’s of Youtube of Facebook, is one tough task. Yes, the internet has a solution to all our problems but finding that one solution is where all the struggles lie. Right now if you head to Google or Bing and search for the best Youtube to mp3 converters, your screen will be bombarded with hundreds of links and websites but guess what? Most of these links won’t work for you. There are two things that you’ll come across a lot. First, there are going to be several sites that will waste your time claiming to convert your videos, and in the end, they will demand a little fee for you to access your converted file. Secondly, there are several sites that are just waiting for your clicks so that they can make money through Google ads.

The point is that converting Youtube videos to mp3 files is one daunting task, but we do have a solution for you. We have several solutions for you in the form of applications. You now no longer have to visit different sites to find a functional converter because there are Android and iOS apps made for this.

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Top 5 YouTube to MP3 Software (Desktop)

A lot of people from all around the world tend to listen to music on YouTube. YouTube is a great platform that allows people to post their videos online so that millions of people can get access to it and enjoy watching it. However, since YouTube does not offer a download feature, therefore you can’t listen to it offline. If you want to be able to listen to the audio even when you are not connected to the internet then it is important for you to convert the YouTube video to mp3 which can be done by using YouTube to Mp3 software. There are many YouTube to Mp3 conversion software however not all of them are reliable which is why we are providing your with YouTube to Mp3 software reviews. These are the top YouTube to Mp3 software through which you can easily convert a YouTube video to Mp3 format and download it on your desktop. We shall discuss the pros and cons of these top YouTube to Mp3 software along with the features that they offer.

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(SOLVED) VidPaw Cannot Download Copyright Music

Do you want to download videos files on your device? Are you using VidPaw for this purpose? Have you ever tried to download copyright music files from VidPaw? Are you facing difficulties in downloading copyright music? Let me tell you something surprising, VidPaw cannot support the downloading copyright music files. So, is there any alternative to VidPaw. First, let’s discuss “What VidPaw is and how it works.”

Introduction of VidPaw

Several reasons make the downloading of videos from YouTube and other social media sites difficult. Sometimes, you download any unreliable software on your computer or rely on some baggy browsers that never show an accurate result. But here, we are talking about the most conventional YouTube Downloader tool, and it is VidPaw.

VidPaw is online video downloading tools that allow you to download any require YouTube video within seconds. No matter, if you are using Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, this is an amazing tool that allows you to download media content from different sites (such as Dailymotion, Netflix, Hulu, and Vimeo).

VidPaw is offering free services to its customers, and yes, it does not require you to follow the tricky signup process. This website not only works flawlessly, but it is also free from advertisements. This means you don’t have to see annoying ads only for downloading one file. The officials of VidPaw are supporting 1000+ websites and offering fast downloading of different videos at one time.

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Top 10 Free Online YouTube to mp3 converters

YouTube is one of our favourite music websites than other sites. But a downside of this app is that YouTube not allows listening of music outside YouTube app without paying some cash for YouTube premium account. A convenient way to listen to your favourite music outside YouTube is to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files online.

Unfortunately may of the best free YouTube to mp3 converters that came up on google search engine are full of spam pop-ups, and some of these converters require to download converting software. Life is so busy and who has so much time to download 2 to 3 additional software for listening to music videos when there are online tools which do the same task for you. To save your time, we have gathered 10 top online YouTube to mp3 converters with their pros and cons.

1. is an online free audio converter that allows you to convert videos to Mp3, Mp4 from not only YouTube but also SoundCloud, MixCloud, Facebook, Vimeo, Netflix, Instagram, Hulu, Netflix, Lynda etc.

YouTube to mp3 converter


The entire conversion is simple and easy. support more than 1000+ video stream websites. Support video and audio converting to Mp3, mp4. Audio bit rate supports mp3 320kpbs. which gives you the best music experience.


Cannot let the user go against copyright terms and conditions


Y2mate is another best YouTube to mp3 converter. This converter only converts YouTube videos. For this you only need to enter URL, then select the required video and download it.

download vevo mp3


The entire conversion is easy without requiring registration.
The interface is simple and easy to use.
Support download MP3, MP4


This converter does not provide resolution selection.

3. is an excellent online video downloader. One can download videos from their website with the online downloader. You do not need to convert videos on because the videos on their site are already converted. The downloading time is speedy. There are plenty of sites that this site supports. However, does not support all sites.


You can download videos directly from their site. This converter supports multiple videos at a time. The downloading speed is very fast. It has an extension for your browser. It supports all Vevo videos.


You can download videos from their site but cannot convert them into your required format. does not allow to download copyrighted music.

4. is the best free YouTube to mp3 converter. This mp3 converter can convert various audio files to Mp3 audios such as Video, MP3, WMA, ALAC, AMR, MIDI, AIFF, WMA, AAC, MP4, M4R, AVI, MPEG, and many more files to other formats of audio.


It supports many audio formats.


Whether supports so many formats, but the downside of this online converter is that it cannot allow the user to download copyrighted music. Also, the upload process takes a very long time to respond.

5. is another online free mp3 downloader app. You need to enter keywords into its search bar and hit the search button. Then you can listen to music and download it.



Processing speed is very high. It is straightforward and efficient.


The pop-ups ads irritate the user. Sometimes it shows irrelevant results and asks the user to add an audio encoding plugin.

6. is the top online YouTube to mp3 converter. To convert a video into mp3, copy the URL of YouTube video and paste it into this converter, then choose the required format and click the convert button. After conversion gets complete, you can download the file from the download button.


It is straightforward and easy to use. This converter does not require any prior registration or software. works perfectly on computer, mobile phone, and tablets.


It only converts videos up to a length of two hours.

7. is an excellent YouTube to mp3 converter software. This mp3 converter is straightforward to operate videos conversion from video to mp3 and other formats. has many outstanding features; for example, you can select any format from mp4, mp3, WMV, MOV, and AVI. This converter allows the user to hear the song before downloading it.


The most significant advantage of this converter is that when converting and downloading songs, it does not lose the quality of the song. There is an option of download tracks upload into iTunes. It converts the entire playlists and YouTube channels in minutes. Another brilliant feature of this mp3 converter is that it download limitless files at one go.


The only drawback of is that it does not have any bandwidth limiter

8. is an amazing online free YouTube to Mp3 converter; it is popular among YouTube lovers who want to enjoy free mp3 YouTube converted files. To convert YouTube video, you have to copy the URL of the video from YouTube and paste it on the converter. Then select mp3 format and click the convert option to convert mp3 file.



It is compatible with five different languages. It supports all types of leading browsers. There is no prior registration required to convert and download a video.


The main disadvantage of converter is that pop-ups ads come with every click, which gives an unsatisfactory experience. Also, the downloading speed varies with the per file size.

9. is the best free online YouTube to mp3 file converter. is one of the most straightforward and faster YouTube mp3 converters. You have to place the URL link of your required file, and after a few seconds, you get the required mp3 file. This YouTube mp3 converter does not only download videos from the YouTube channel, but it is also compatible with other popular websites like Vimeo, Instagram, Soundcloud etc.

Pros is very simple mp3 converter. It downloads multiple files at once. It allows conversion from 1000 websites besides YouTube only.


The only drawback of this converter is that the downloading speed may vary with the per file size.

10. is one of the top online YouTube to mp3 converters. It is fast and efficient. It supports many other website video conversion besides YouTube. It is compatible with many mobile and old web browsers.



It supports multiple websites for video conversion. It is a speedy converter. Various formats are available other than MP3.


The only drawback of this online video convert is that it requires you a file extension

[SOLVED] Onlinevideoconverter can’t download music

In July, suddenly couldn’t download video or audio from YouTube, however presently resumed the conversion service. However, recent major online streaming download sites are unable to convert music. as the best online YouTube converter also stops the music conversion service.
We tried to convert the YouTube video to mp3 format, we found that as long as the video related to music can not be converted successfully.

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How to download audio from YouTube

Most people love to listen to music. People who own a smartphone can listen to music anytime and anywhere. It is easy because you can just stream through Spotify or iTunes instead of waiting for your favorite music to play on the radio.

Subscribing to music portals such as Spotify or iTunes can be expensive. You have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee.  You can also subscribe to YouTube Audio, but it is also costly.

But there are other ways to listen to your favorite songs without paying any subscription fee. You can download audio from YouTube. There are different free converters and downloaders found in the web, some of which include and YTmp3 . There is also the YouTube audio downloader.

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The Top Five Best YouTube to MP3 Converter for You to Enjoy

The best YouTube to mp3 converter lets you enjoy music on your mobile device or laptop even when you are offline. If there is a song you like, you can convert the video to an mp3 file so that you can listen whenever you want. Using these online programs, you can convert any video.

If you are having difficulty deciding which video to mp3 converter to use, here is a short list of our recommendations. Unless specifically noted, all of these are free to use and do not require you to register for an account. You also don’t have to download any software since the conversion process is done completely online.

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