How to convert and save a Video from YouTube to MP4 on iPhone?

We all are having a YouTube app installed on our iPhone helpful to watch online videos whenever we need them. But how about surprising your friends? It can be done by showing them some videos on your phone memory that are exclusively available on YouTube and not anywhere else!

Yes anyone can do it, that too in a few minutes by converting the YouTube videos to MP4 and saving them on an iPad or iPhone! So, an individual need a software to download YouTube to MP4 on iPhone.

How to download YouTube video to mp4 on iPhone?

All you need to perform is to follow the below steps;

  • The first step is to download “Documents by Readdle” on your iPhone from the Apple app store.
  • After successful installation, open the application.
  • Now you can find an icon at the bottom right corner of the App, Click on it to launch its browser.
  • In the browser, enter the URL
youtube to mp4 savemp3
  • The next step is to get the URL of the video to be downloaded. There you have two options. One is to directly use the browser’s search bar available in your iPad or iPhone and get the link.
  • In case of the second option, you can use the YouTube app installed on your smartphone, search for the video, click on share and copy its link.
share youtube link
  • Now move to Documents app and paste the URL of the video on its search bar that you want to download.
  • Next, click on “Download Now” button to keep it in your Apple device as an offline file.
paste youtube link iphone
  • Let it analyze your video. It will display the information, including the option to choose the video resolution that can be converted and saved in the gadget.
  • Select one option and click on Download button present in the bottom.
  • After successfully downloading, you will get the video file from YouTube in MP4 on your iPhone.
download youtube to mp4
  • Now, if you wish to move the downloaded video to the Camera Roll of the iPhone or iPad then click on “Move” > “Photos”. Make sure to give ’Read and Write’ access to the app to make it possible.
move instagram video iphone
save instagram video

After completion of all the above steps, you can enjoy watching the video every time on your Apple device offline.

What about

Savemp3 YouTube to mp4 converter can directly convert YouTube videos to MP4 files in only a single click. No chance of any viruses or hack if you are correctly using the above the URL of the converter as it should be!

You can download high quality MP4 files from various video websites. This YouTube to mp4 downloader supports SD and HD videos, including 720p, 1080p.

Bottom Line

If you were looking to download YouTube to MP4 on iPhone till now, then now you have the option. It is helpful and secure to avoid using any unknown websites to download video files of songs, drama, movies, scenes, etc. of your interest.

The best thing about the video converter, or downloader software is it is available to use online or can be installed in the computer free of charge. It is based on a simple interface to use for anyone.

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