How to Convert Facebook Music to MP3

Recently, Facebook became one of the crowd favorites for finding good music. From mainstream songs to underground tunes, the social media site has them all. However, you can’t listen to your favorite music without being connected to the web.

Do you want to listen to your newfound faves hassle-free? Listen to them offline with Facebook music converter! is a free Facebook music to mp3 converter that isn’t limited to the social media platform. It supports more than a thousand content streaming websites, including YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, and Dailymotion.

To download from Facebook to MP3, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Copy the link from your Facebook timeline.

To do this step, click the clip first. Press right click then choose “Copy URL at current time” or “copy link address”. Next, go to then paste the link beside the “Download Now” box.

facebook music video

Step 2: Wait for the download link to appear.

Click the “Download Now” button beside your link.

When the site is done processing, you’ll be presented with the details of your chosen clip. These include its name and duration. With these, you can check whether you’re about to convert the right media.

convert facebook music to mp3

Step 3: Click the “Download MP3” button.

Click “Download MP3”. Wait for the percentage to reach 100%.

Step 4: Choose your file name and location.

After the MP3 finishes processing, a pop-up dialog will appear. It enables you to change the name of the file and the location where it’ll be saved. By default, the file name is the shortened title of the video.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Wait for the file to download. Once it finishes downloading, you can finally listen to various MP3 files at your own convenience.

Disclaimer: SaveMP3 respects the content owner’s rights and discourages users from using the downloaded MP3 files in a way that violates copyright protection regulations.

Using SaveMP3 on Your Mobile Phone

Since SaveMP3 has the same interface in both desktop and mobile devices, the same steps to convert Facebook music to MP3 will be followed. The only difference lies in the way of copying the link from Facebook.

To do this on mobile, click the media first. On its upper right corner, click the three dots. A pop-up dialog box will appear. Then, click “Copy Link”. You can now paste and download the link like with the desktop version.       

So, what are you waiting for? Be one of the millions that enjoy their music without hassle. Start your new listening experience—download Facebook music to MP3 with SaveMP3!

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