How to Download a Video from YouTube to MP4 on Android Devices?

You might have been fed up of saving videos or movies from different downloading websites till now! They generally contain a lot of Ads, junk, viruses, and requires you to pass on through lots of different pages during use. Hence, a convenient manner to download videos is to save files directly from YouTube.

There are many downloaders to convert videos from YouTube to MP4 on Android available on the Internet. But not all of them are trustable enough to open and use on our personal gadgets. It is because these devices generally consist of our confidential or sensitive information.

So, YouTube videos need to be only downloaded using the capable downloader. It should be one that can help one to extract the videos from any media streaming website directly. Further one can convert it into the MP4 file that can also be saved into an Android device!

How to Download YouTube Videos to MP4 Files on Android?

A free yet simple online service as a third-party tool that can be used as a downloader for android devices is YouTube video to MP4 converter. It supports almost all media streaming platforms.

It includes Dailymotion, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook and many more. Additionally, you can also download music files on your android smartphone or tablets at any time with it.

If you are also looking for a handy downloader to save video files offline and play it anytime, then you must use YouTube to MP4 converter.

There are many reasons to choose it;

1) It supports almost all web browsers.
2) One can use it without any limits.
3) It is free of cost service for anybody.
4) No possibility of viruses.

How to save YouTube Videos on an Android Device?

If you stuck to any video of a compatible media streaming website and trying for downloading it through the downloader then here are the steps;

a) Take the URL of the video by copying it.

youtube video link android

b) Next, open the downloader in the browser of your Android device and paste the video link on its search bar.

download youtube mp4 android

c) Make sure the software tool is showing you the name and other details of the same video that you want to save with you.

d) Next, select from anyone among the list of available options to download the video in different formats and resolution quality. You can click on it as per your interest to start downloading. By the way, you can also get the details about the total size of each file mentioned there. It is to get an idea about data consumption in download. Hence, you can sure choose to go with the highest resolution option like Full HD or 4K, if available. But for it, you must have a reliable internet connection, and enough free space for storage to save it successfully on your android gadget.

youtube to mp4 android

At last, Click on “ Download”. Next, you can check its processing status and after completion find it saved automatically in your list of downloaded files. Therefore, it is best to download YouTube to MP4 on Android as a safe solution to use in our gadgets, not having an antivirus installed, especially android mobiles.

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