How to Download and Convert a Video from YouTube to MP4 File?

Most of us feel sad when we want to watch our favorite video on YouTube at our convenience but do not have internet connectivity. Also, the case might be we would like to view some personally liked videos on YouTube more than once. And in this process, we don’t even realize when our data has been consumed, or we are on limited internet data service.

After all, it does not come free of cost, so we all have to use it smartly same as the way we do while using electricity, water, and fuels in our daily life! So, what you think about using an application to download video from YouTube to MP4?

Yes, to avoid every problem above and to use the benefits of a media streaming platform, the best solution is to use a YouTube to MP4 converter. It can help an individual to download videos and save in MP4 format! It is almost like any app in your smartphone and can be downloaded and installed right on your PC or can be accessed anytime online!

Why YouTube?

It is not wrong to say; YouTube is the most convenient platform among all to enjoy multimedia content of our choice. The main reasons are;

1) YouTube has a vast database of multimedia files of different formats and sizes from all over the world.

2) One can use it even without the need for sharing of personal details or sign-up.

You can find some related videos of almost any topic on it! But, at the same time, it demands robust Internet connectivity. It is must especially to enjoy the seamless watching experience of even a 4K resolution video on YouTube!

YouTube to MP4 Converter: What are the Steps to download any YouTube Video?

If you desired to download video from YouTube video to MP4 and save it into your PC, then it only demands your few seconds by following these steps to get it done;

1) Copy the URL of the YouTube video to be downloaded.

youtube video url

2) Use YouTube to MP4 online converter, paste the copied video link on the search bar of the converter.

youtube to mp4 converter

3) Click on “Convert Now” to start the downloading within seconds, and you will receive the file in MP4 format in your system!

download youtube mp4

Now you can enjoy watching your favorite YouTube videos offline on your device, as many time as you want, after just a single download.

Even if you are on an unlimited internet plan and do not care about watching a single video repeatedly online, then one thing might irritate you! It is ads that come before and in between a video playback online.


You definitely not enjoy watching the same ads every time and want to skip them sooner possible. So, watching a video on YouTube online might consumes much of extra your time, to wait and skip the ads, reading the comments, etc.

The best part is you can access YouTube to MP4 converter online. You can download YouTube to MP4 at almost all type of browsers like Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and more. Entertainment is in our hands, and it is possible by using ‘YouTube videos to MP4 converter’!

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