How to Download Audio from YouTube with YouTube Audio Downloader

YouTube is one of the biggest online video streaming websites in the world. It has thousands of online videos available. Almost every famous artist has its official channel on YouTube, where you can find his music videos. With time, things have become a lot easier, and now you can download YouTube videos in any media format. The mp3 media format is what most people prefer listening to music. If you want to download audio from YouTube, you can use the SaveMP3 platform. 

About SaveMP3:    

Savemp3 YouTube to MP3 Downloader is one of the best free YouTube audio downloaders. The interface of the website is simple, clean, and user-friendly. It lets you download your favorite videos from all major online video streaming websites including YouTube. The download process is simple and straightforward, and even a novice user can download a video from YouTube. 

How to Download YouTube Audios through SaveMp3

Step 1: Copy the YouTube videos URL

Open the YouTube, and search for the video you want to download. On the top of the browser window, copy the videos URL. For copying, click the mouse right key and click copy. Your URL will be copied this way. Paste this URL on the clipboard.

Step 2: Paste that Videos URL

In this step, you have to paste the videos URL you want to download from YouTube. For this first, you have to go to the YouTube to MP3 downloader. Once you have opened the website, on the top left there will be a written paste link click on that button. This button will automatically paste the copied URL on the search bar for you. You don’t manually paste the copied videos URL on the website. Click on next. The website will check the video and will start converting it into Mp3 format.

Step 3: Simply Download your Audio

Once the SaveMp3 has verified the video, you will be given several options for downloading that specific audio. You can choose the desired quality that you are interested in. You can also create a folder on your laptop or pc where you want the SaveMp3 to save your downloaded audios. There will be a list of formats too which you can choose based on your preference. Once you are done with selecting all these options according to your interest, click on the download button. A new progress page will open that will show you the remaining time left of your audio. The speed of the download will depend on the speed of your internet connection. Once it’s downloaded you will be notified. Now you can listen your downloaded audio and can even share it with tour friends or family members if you want.

So this way you can use YouTube audio downloader to download your favorite music. The whole process is trouble-free, the interface of the website is user-friendly, and you get the best quality 320kbps mp3 output. 

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