How to download audio from YouTube

Most people love to listen to music. People who own a smartphone can listen to music anytime and anywhere. It is easy because you can just stream through Spotify or iTunes instead of waiting for your favorite music to play on the radio.

Subscribing to music portals such as Spotify or iTunes can be expensive. You have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee.  You can also subscribe to YouTube Audio, but it is also costly.

But there are other ways to listen to your favorite songs without paying any subscription fee. You can download audio from YouTube. There are different free converters and downloaders found in the web, some of which include and YTmp3 . There is also the YouTube audio downloader.

Steps for downloading via YouTube to Mp3 Converter on

YouTube to Mp3 Converter
  1. Go to YouTube.
  2. Search for the music you want to download.
  3. Copy the URL.
  4. Open the YouTube to Mp3 Converter.
  5. Paste the URL on the box provided.
  6. Conversion is in progress if the MP3 Processing percentage appears.

The conversion time varies, for higher quality videos, the conversion time is longer. Wait for the converted file to completely download.

The downloading starts immediately after conversion. The downloaded file will be saved in the designated storage for downloaded files in your phone or computer, or wherever folder you chose to save them.

Steps for downloading in YTmp3 (

  1. Open the ytmp3 site
  2. Enter or paste the URL of the video you want to download and convert
  3. Click the mp3 button
  4. Wait for the video to be converted into mp3
  5. Download the file into your device

Important reminders if you want to download audio from YouTube:

Respect the copyright protection terms and conditions. There are videos that are copyright protected, do not download these files.

Use legit converters and downloaders. There are converters that have viruses. This will affect your phone or device’s performance.

There are times when the converted video doesn’t download automatically, just press the download now button.

Some converters, like the ytmp3 , have limitations. They only allow a maximum of 2 hours per video to convert.

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