How to Download Instagram Videos on PC

No doubt, Instagram is a popular social media platform that people use to share photos and videos among them. Not only ordinary people but even known celebrities and brands are actively posting their contents! There might be chances that you do like some videos on it and want to save it on your computer.

How to Download Instagram Video?

Now you can save a video or download Instagram on pc with the help of a simple video downloader! Yes, you can choose any video of your interest, copy its URL! It is possible by clicking on the share button and then select ‘copy URL’ option.

copy instagram video url

The next step is to use Savemp3 YouTube Downloader. You can also download the YouTube or Instagram video downloader in your PC.

download instagram

The copied URL of your video has to be pasted on the search box of the downloader. Next, click on ‘Convert now’. It analyzes that Instagram video and converts it to an MP4 format file of your desired resolution that can be saved in your computer.

download instagram mp4 mp3

Hence, in this way, you can not only make a vast collection of Full HD files from Instagram but also copy or transfer them to other devices. It can be an HDD, Smartphone, Pen drive, tablet or anything else that can store your multimedia files!

What are the Benefits of using it?

A notable benefit is a fact that this Instagram downloader can help you to download Instagram video, YouTube, and much more videos directly. One can further convert them into MP4 format files that can be used on any gadget generally available for us for quick entertainment needs!

Additionally, you can also download MP3 audio files in different bit rates of your choice that enhances its functionality. There is a good thing to know about this Instagram video downloader. It is the fact that in case of less internet speed or data, one can set the output quality of a video to either 720p, 480p, or 320p!

It is a type of universal downloader that cannot be forgotten. A big reason is the truth that this software tool supports more than 1000 different multimedia streaming platforms.

Better to say you can download content from the websites that consist of videos shared among the community. The list includes well-known Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. in addition to YouTube and Instagram!

You do not need to think about security issues on handling multimedia files while using it to download Instagram on pc! It is because it does not ask its user to give personal details like filling up of email id or so for signup or registration! Thus, it is free and as simple like using Google to search for anything, one can open and use it when required!

Final Thoughts

So now, Instagram is not only a social platform but also a library of the source of multimedia entertainment files. One can save them on the personal computer anytime to make an exclusive collection and further share with others! And, Instagram video downloader is the best software tool to download Instagram videos in 1080p mp4 format.

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