Download 周杰倫 Jay Chou【說好不哭 Won’t Cry】Music from YouTube in MP3 format

On September 16th, JVR Music released Jay Chou’s new single Won’t Cry on YouTube. I believe that Jay Chou fans can’t wait to listen to Won’t Cry. The 40-year-old Jay Chou last released a single in 2018, and released a new single after one year, so fans have been waiting. There are a lot of fans who want to download Won’t Cry, which can be saved to the phone and played at any time. Here is a free and easy way for you. is a free online YouTube to mp3 converter, which can quickly download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 format, support 320kbps MP3 bit rate, let you enjoy the best sound quality.

Here are the steps to convert Won’t Cry YouTube music to Mp3.

Step1, copy [Won’t Cry] YouTube link

We found the official MV video of Jay Chou on YouTube, the video link is
The MV released by JVR Music is official. If you are not watching the official MV, you may not be satisfied with the quality of the downloaded music.

copy [Won't Cry] YouTube link
share [Won't Cry] YouTube link

Step2, paste the MV link to

Paste the YouTube link into the search box and click the download button. Or you can click the button below to download it.

Step3, Download Music Won’t Cry of Jay Chou to MP3

Click on the Best Download / 320kbps MP3 button to save the music to your computer. You can also download it directly on your iPhone, Android phone, and refer to convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone.

Download Music Won’t Cry of Jay Chou to MP3

SaveMP3 also provides a more convenient search function, you can search for Jay Chou, or Won’t Cry directly in the search box. Search results will be displayed below, as shown in the picture. Click the download button and download it with one click.

Search Jay Chou

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