How to download music from SoundCloud to mp3 on Android

SoundCloud is a very popular audio streaming platform. You can find a lot of good music, famous singers on SoundCloud. You can also upload music yourself if you are good at singing. Although you can listen to most music for free, you can’t download it to your phone.
You need a music MP3 downloader. Here I recommend SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader, which allows you to download music directly from soundcloud on your Android phone.

Download SoundCloud Music on Android

Step 1, open the SoundCloud

Type in your Andrid browser, search for your favorite singer or track, and find the music you want to download. Then click the Share button to copy the link address of the music.

Share soundcloud

Step 2, Open the SoundCloud Music Downloader on your Android

Paste the music URL into the search box of the SoundCloud music Downloader and click the download button.

SoundCloud Music Downloader

Step 3, Download SoundCloud Music to Android

The SoundCloud downloader takes a little while to fetch the MP3 file. When the step is complete, you only need to click download MP3 to save the music to your Android phone.

Download SoundCloud Music to Android

At this time, the browser will pop up a prompt box, select Cache Now, and then you can see the MP3 file you downloaded in your browser download folder.

The format of the download is MP3. This is a universal audio format. You can play not only on Android phones, but also on iPhone and iPod. Of course, you can also directly download SoundCloud to the iPhone and iPod with SoundCloud Music Downloader, which is also very convenient.

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