How Can I Download Audio from FreeSound is a complete online library platform that allows you to have versatile music under one shelter of your own favorite choice. You can have different generic music styles that range from slow music to pop-rock and high beat styles. If you want to add any music or the sound background in your podcast, or the YouTube videos or any radio drama project, then choosing Freesound is the best option for you. And it’s clear from the name that it is entirely free to use. You don’t have to take stress about spending your single penny.


Steps To Download Audio from FreeSound

Step 1

Visit the search portal and type any tags which you have been searching for. This will enable you to get all the featured results right into your way. You have to choose the play icon on the corner of the thumbnail, and you will be able to listen to the entire clip. As you have made the click on the clip, you will be making your way on the specific page.

Step 2

Right here, you will be asked any relevant information concerning the track. This can be about the file type or the duration of the track, track channels or the size of the file. You can also view some description given by the side of the uploader that can be about the website or any licenses or the YouTube channels.

Step 3

You can play the clip without spending a single penny. But in case if you want to download it, then you need to make your account. Freesound download mp3 accounts by the users are 100% free, and you won’t be getting any spam threats that are associated with your email account.

Step 4

As you are done with your account making, you have to click on the yellow button option, and you will be able to view the file in your downloader folder straight away. If you want to edit or format it, you can.

Step 5

Accessing the sound might be an easy task to perform. But behind it, there is a hard work and time consumption of an expert who uploaded it on the Freesound. You can thank them by appreciating their work in the comment section. You can also click on the uploader profile so you can view their complete information and even send them a private message to appreciate their work. You can also see their additional uploaded tracks. You can even share their links with other audio projects so they would be able to look for some more amazing collaborative partners.

Step 6

If you have an account to download freesound audio, you can even upload your sounds by choosing the option, yellow and click “upload sounds” option that is located at the top right of the page. You have to drag and drop the file. You can drag the file in different options such as mp3, or aif, wav. There is an option of “drop files here” where you can instantly drop the file. You can even describe the sound which you are about to upload.

If you don’t want to sign up for an freesound account, or if the sound you want to download is in WAV format and you want to convert to MP3 format, Here we will introduce you one of the easiest methods. Use the free online audio downloader – YouTube to MP3 converter. Download the audio you want from freesound and convert it to MP3 format in just two easy steps

Step 1

Copy the sound link you want to download from the browser address bar.

freesound wav sound

Step 2

Paste the link to the YouTube to MP3 downloader, click the download button, and after a while, the sound file is retrieved and converted to MP3 format, you can save it to your computer by simply clicking the download mp3 button.

convert freesound to mp3

This is how you can download audio from Freesound and convert to mp3! Isn’t it simple and easy? Try it now!

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