Music MP3 Search Engine: Savemp3 Upgraded Search Music from YouTube made a major upgrade to support music search from YouTube. You can search for music directly by music name, artist, album name, etc., then download it from YouTube, convert it to MP3 format and save it to your computer, mobile phone, etc.

The music search function of allows you to find music more easily, and you can choose a lot of music. Just three simple steps:

Step 1, Search Music

Enter the music name in the search box or search for the artist and other information if you don’t remember the music name. YouTube to Mp3 converter will automatically pop up relevant search results.

Search Music

Step 2, Select music from the music search list

The music search engine will show the music list. With the latest songs at the top, you can easily find the music you want. If you are not sure if it is the music MV you want, you can click on the watch button to play it on YouTube.

Select music from the music search list

Step 3, Convert Music to MP3

Click the download button and the MP3 download page will pop up. Just click the Download MP3 button to save the music file.

Savemp3 supports 320kbps high quality MP3. If you need other sizes of MP3 file, you can choose at the bottom of the page.

Convert Music to MP3

Savemp3’s powerful music search, no matter what music you want to download, can be easily found. What are you waiting for, try it out!

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