How to download YouTube to mp4 online?

YouTube has a large number of videos in various categories and languages. At YouTube, you can watch the latest and coolest videos online, but there is no option to download directly. So if you want to save YouTube videos to mp4, you need an online YouTube converter. And Mp4 format is the most compatible format at present, this article lists the top 3 online YouTube to Mp4 video downloaders, you can choose the best downloader among them.

1. Free YouTube to MP4 Converter (

Free Online YouTube to MP4 downloader with more other download features. is a good solution for converting YouTube videos for converting your YouTube videos to MP4 format. It can be run in your browser without registration and installation, and the download process is simple and fast. It also supports downloading videos from other websites such as Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. You just need to paste the video url and click the convert button to get the MP4 file you want.

Key features:

  • Download videos from YouTube to mp4, mp3
  • Support various video quality: 720p (HD), 480p, 360p, 240p
  • Support 320kbps mp3
  • Not only YouTube, allows downloading videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Yahoo, AOL, and others.
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How to Download a Video from YouTube to MP4 on Android Devices?

You might have been fed up of saving videos or movies from different downloading websites till now! They generally contain a lot of Ads, junk, viruses, and requires you to pass on through lots of different pages during use. Hence, a convenient manner to download videos is to save files directly from YouTube.

There are many downloaders to convert videos from YouTube to MP4 on Android available on the Internet. But not all of them are trustable enough to open and use on our personal gadgets. It is because these devices generally consist of our confidential or sensitive information.

So, YouTube videos need to be only downloaded using the capable downloader. It should be one that can help one to extract the videos from any media streaming website directly. Further one can convert it into the MP4 file that can also be saved into an Android device!

How to Download YouTube Videos to MP4 Files on Android?

A free yet simple online service as a third-party tool that can be used as a downloader for android devices is YouTube video to MP4 converter. It supports almost all media streaming platforms.

It includes Dailymotion, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook and many more. Additionally, you can also download music files on your android smartphone or tablets at any time with it.

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How to Download Instagram Videos on PC

No doubt, Instagram is a popular social media platform that people use to share photos and videos among them. Not only ordinary people but even known celebrities and brands are actively posting their contents! There might be chances that you do like some videos on it and want to save it on your computer.

How to Download Instagram Video?

Now you can save a video or download Instagram on pc with the help of a simple video downloader! Yes, you can choose any video of your interest, copy its URL! It is possible by clicking on the share button and then select ‘copy URL’ option.

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How to Download Facebook Video Without Any Software

Gone are the days when Facebook was meant for just text-based status updates. As the video is proved to be the king of content, Facebook is now giving fierce competition to YouTube. Other than private usage, Facebook videos are widely used for advertising or business aspect. And Facebook has already acquired a big share of the market. Sometimes you may need to download these Facebook videos so that you can access them anytime. Here, we’ll reveal how you can download Facebook video without installing any software.

Facebook is a free social networking service that allows users to interact with friends, family, and colleagues. In addition to many other useful features, video content is a powerful and engaging way to communicate on Facebook. Let’s have a quick look at some of the latest stats that prove the power of Facebook video.

Latest Facebook Video Statistics:

  • More than 4 billion videos are been watched on Facebook every day.
  • 65% of all the Facebook video views originate from only mobile users.
  • Almost 85% of the users watch Facebook videos with sound off.
  • 1 out of every 5 videos on Facebook is a live broadcast.
  • Facebook videos have an average watch time benchmark of 10 seconds.
  • By mid-2018, over 150 million people were using Facebook stories.
  • Almost 100 million hours of videos are watched every day on Facebook.
  • Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook could be mostly about video content by 2021.

Download Facebook Video Online:

It is clearly seen that Facebook videos are the future of social media. But currently, we don’t have any official feature on Facebook to download the videos. But that’s not mean you cannot download the Facebook videos.

If you want to download Facebook videos without installing any software on your computer, then you can use Facebook Video Downloader to download Facebook video online. It is a free online tool that allows you to download videos from Facebook in simple and easy manner.

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How Can I Download Facebook Video in 1080p MP4?

Want to download Facebook videos? In this article, you’ll come to know how to download Facebook video in 1080 mp4 format at super-quick speed!

Facebook belongs to the category of social networks and communities, just like Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook makes itself special from others by being the biggest social network in the world, having monthly more than one billion active users. Facebook is not only restricted to as more than 500 million users make use of the Facebook-app on their smartphones. Facebook is the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg and 4 roommates at Harvard.

It is the most popular of all social media sites with over 2.37 billion active users from all different age ranges with 13 being the youngest. A user, who is eligible for the site, can interact and keep in touch with others by a public and private message, post their pictures, and share their day-to-day activities. Each user has a profile that they can populate with a ton of personal information such as school location age family etc.

Download Facebook Video 1080p MP4:

Downloading a Facebook video may not be as simple as sharing or viewing a video, in light of the fact that Facebook doesn’t give any official technique to straightforwardly download the video recordings.

This problem becomes more complicated when you want to download Facebook videos on 1080p mp4 format. Because there’re not too many tools available online that can download videos in such video format. However, you don’t have to stress. Here, you’ll come to realize that how you can download Facebook video 1080p in a straightforward manner.

Use SaveMP3 Facebook Video Downloader to download the videos from Facebook to mp4 format in a 100% free and secure way. Our Facebook Video Downloader has a simple and easy to use interface that can be opened with any default browser on your computer. It enables you to download Facebook videos in 1080p MP4 format without compressing or affecting the original video quality.

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Hindi MP3 Download: 2020 Bollywood Songs Playlist Free Download

It is widely accepted that music has no language barrier, and that is why it is known as the universal language. Music is one of the most ancient forms of entertainment that has a direct impact on human behavior. The Indian music industry, also known as the Hindi music industry, is the 2nd oldest music industry organization in the world that represents the recording industry distributors in India. Whether you’re looking for the latest Bollywood songs or want to download Hindi mp3 music, then this is probably the best place for you!  

Bollywood songs are appreciated and loved by the people of many countries all over the world. Most of the songs create lots of hype even before their release. The Indian music industry is largely dominated by Bollywood songs, with almost 80% of the overall country’s music revenue is only coming from here. The significance of Bollywood songs can be assessed from the fact that many times songs itself gets more popularity than the films. As technology is reshaping every industry of the world; the same is the case with the Bollywood music industry. The previous trend of cassette tapes and CDs are replaced by now online video streaming websites. As of 2017, over 2016 million people in India use music streaming platforms like YouTube, Saavn, etc.

New 2020 Bollywood Songs Playlist:

As you can see, the majority of the Indians now use online video streaming websites for listening to songs. And when comes to video-sharing platforms, no one can underestimate the significance of YouTube. If you want to listen to the latest Bollywood songs of 2020, then we’re coming with a YouTube music playlist in which you can find all the best songs in one place. This playlist contains 200 new Hindi songs that you can enjoy without any inconvenience.

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How to convert and save a Video from YouTube to MP4 on iPhone?

We all are having a YouTube app installed on our iPhone helpful to watch online videos whenever we need them. But how about surprising your friends? It can be done by showing them some videos on your phone memory that are exclusively available on YouTube and not anywhere else!

Yes anyone can do it, that too in a few minutes by converting the YouTube videos to MP4 and saving them on an iPad or iPhone! So, an individual need a software to download YouTube to MP4 on iPhone.

How to download YouTube video to mp4 on iPhone?

All you need to perform is to follow the below steps;

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How to Download and Convert a Video from YouTube to MP4 File?

Most of us feel sad when we want to watch our favorite video on YouTube at our convenience but do not have internet connectivity. Also, the case might be we would like to view some personally liked videos on YouTube more than once. And in this process, we don’t even realize when our data has been consumed, or we are on limited internet data service.

After all, it does not come free of cost, so we all have to use it smartly same as the way we do while using electricity, water, and fuels in our daily life! So, what you think about using an application to download video from YouTube to MP4?

Yes, to avoid every problem above and to use the benefits of a media streaming platform, the best solution is to use a YouTube to MP4 converter. It can help an individual to download videos and save in MP4 format! It is almost like any app in your smartphone and can be downloaded and installed right on your PC or can be accessed anytime online!

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How to Download Fox News Videos in MP4?

Fox News is an American cable television news channel, which was launched on October 7, 1996. Rupert Murdoch, an Australian-American media tycoon, created this channel after a failed attempt to purchase another cable news network CNN. Fox News was rated as America’s most-watched cable network in 2018, surpassing all its competitors, including MSNBC and CNN. Apart from the television success, Fox News Website also features the latest coverage of all the programs. Now if you’re looking for a solution to download fox news videos, then you’ve come to the right place!

Fox News is the leading and most popular cable network in the United States. It has almost more than 1.5 million total day viewers. Many TV programs are extremely liked by the people and made this channel no.1. Some of the most famous programs of Fox news are the following.

Famous TV Programs by Fox News:

TV Programs On-Air Presented By
Fox & Friends Since 1998 Steve Doocy & More
Tucker Carlson Tonight Since 2016 Tucker Carlson
Hannity Since 2009 Sean Hannity
The Ingraham Angle Since 2017 Laura Ingraham
Fox News Sunday Since 1996 Chris Wallace
Special Report Since 1998 Bret Baier
America’s Newsroom Since 2007 Bill Hemmer, Sandra Smith
The Story with Martha MacCallum Since 2017 Martha MacCallum
Fox News @ Night Since 2017 Shannon Bream
Outnumbered Since 2014 Harris Faulkner & More

Download Fox News Video in MP4:

All the video clips of TV programs, latest news, breaking stories, and much more from Fox news are available on their website i.e. In September 2008, FNC also introduced a live-streaming segment in collaboration with other channels to its website. Downloading these videos directly to your computer will provide more ease and convenience to you.

Use SaveMP3 YouTube Video Downloader to download video from fox news online without the need to install any software. It is the best free tool available online that convert fox news videos into mp4 format and save it to your computer.

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How to Download Facebook Videos Effortlessly?

Downloading a Facebook video may not be as easy as sharing or watching a video, because Facebook doesn’t provide any official method to directly download the videos. But you don’t need to worry. Here, you’ll come to know that how you can download Facebook video in a simple and effortless way.

Facebook is an American social networking service that was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellow college students, on February 4, 2004. Initially, the website’s membership was restricted to the students of universities and higher education institutions, but since 2006, anyone who is 13 years of age can become a registered user of Facebook. 

It won’t be wrong to say that one app has totally changed the meaning of social networking, and it is none other than Facebook. It is a website where users can send messages and post status updates. As well as they can share photos, music, post links to the interesting content on the web, and can even share their thoughts. In addition to other services, Facebook has become one of the top choices for video content. And according to some surveys, people are intended to consume even more Facebook videos in the future.

Download Facebook Video to MP4 Format:

Like YouTube, Facebook is also considered as a major source of video content on the internet. You can watch music, news, recently released movie trailers, videos uploaded by your friends, and much more. That’s not all, where you can watch previously recorded videos; Facebook also enables you to watch live-streaming videos shared by the users. Due to these amazing features, more than 8 billion videos are been watched every day on Facebook.

Sometimes you want to download videos, and Facebook doesn’t provide any official solution to download videos directly from Facebook. But we have a solution to this problem. If you want to download Facebook videos, you can use SaveMP3 Facebook Video Downloader. It allows you to download Facebook video to mp4 format on your computer or other devices without the need to install any software.

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