Step-by-step Guide on Downloading Music from a Video for Free

An online music converter like saves you from the hassles of using paid streaming services. As long as you have Internet access, you can download the background song for almost all videos you can find online.

You don’t have to pay for anything else. Aside from that, you can listen to the song even when your device isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or even when you don’t have data. You can also transfer the mp3 file from your computer to phones and other computers.

Using an online music converter is easy. Below are the six steps you have to follow.

1. Search for the converter’s site or type its URL ( directly on your search bar.

The site is pretty much minimalist. If you don’t want to search it again, just bookmark the site for future use.

2. Go to YouTube (or any other video streaming site) and search for the video.

To convert video to music, you must first specify which video has that song you’d like to download. To get the best version of the music, try streaming several videos. Select the one with the optimal quality audio.

3. Play the video and copy its URL.

If you have strong Internet connection and if the video is below ten minutes, you can just play the video as you download. Otherwise, it may be better to pause it or wait for it to finish before you proceed to the next step.

4. Go back to the converter’s site. Paste the copied URL to the bar that calls for the video link.

Step 4 will only take a second or two. If you pasted a video link, the Download Now button will become clickable. If the button at the end of the bar doesn’t respond, you might have to change the pasted URL.

5. Click the Download Now button.

In this step, the site will convert music from video. Specifically, the video will be processed into two files (mp3 and mp4) available for downloading.  

Video downloaders usually convert music in mp3 and no other audio file format. Don’t worry about not having multiple audio file formats as most music players are compatible with songs in mp3 format.

6. Go over the converted files and click on the mp3 one. Click the Download button.

The downloading progress will show up on the site. Wait until it reaches 100%. In Mozilla Firefox, the download icon usually turns blue while in Chrome, the bottom bar indicates the downloading process is complete.

Check the file in your folder dedicated to your downloads. Enjoy it online and offline. If you come across another great background song, don’t hesitate to use mp3 music converter again.

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