Top Websites to Download Free Audiobooks

Are you ready to download your favorite audiobooks? If yes, then here we come across some interesting information for you. Book reading lovers are fond of reading different genres of books and audiobooks that inspire them at some point in time. Reading the audiobooks by downloading them through online sources is quite easy. Some of the websites offer to download by paying a small amount, and some of the websites give you free access to download. So here we are! Here we have a rundown list of best websites to download free audiobook right now:


Top 10 Free Audiobook Websites

1. Loyal Books

This site makes you offer with the free audiobooks downloading from various genres that range from the categories of romance to adventure as well as science and fiction based books. You can download the audiobooks from the site and make it listened through the MP3 file or even through the app of the Apple Podcast too. This is one of the best sites to download your favorite audiobooks at any hour of the day. The best thing about this site is that it is offering the content in 28 different languages such as English, Spanish, Greek, Urdu, and so on.

2. Open Culture

Open Culture is another top recommended site to download your favorite audiobooks. You can freely make the use of this site for downloading different educational books such as philosophy, economics, and so on. You can select the audiobooks through the MP3 downloads as well as streams.

3. librivox

On the 3rd spot, we have the name of Librivox! This site allows you to perform the audiobooks downloading in just a few seconds. You can also get the chance to record all your books right into the public domain. Another fantastic feature about this site is that it let the user download the audiobooks on the platforms of computer, as well as a smartphone, or even on CD-ROM.

4. Lit2Go

As it is evident from the name, this site is paying the enormous attention to the audiobooks that are simply classics based. The only element that makes it completely different from other websites is that it offers you the poetry compilations which you won’t be finding on other platforms of downloading sites. You can look for the poetry of different authors such as Emily Dickinson’s or Paul Laurence Dunbar’s.

5. Mind Webs

MindWebs is one of the perfectly designed audiobook downloading websites that brings you a massive collection of almost 150 classics starting from the science fiction to the short stories. You can even search for some fantastic science fiction from this platform of some prominent authors.

6. Archive

This is another top favored site to download free audiobooks. This site brings you the audiobook collection that is divided into different series of catalogues. This is one of the best places to download your favorite audiobooks at any hour of the day. Apart from searching the archives, you can make it search for the proper manner as well. This site is also offering you free access to almost 200,000 concerts. You can stream all your audio files straight away from this site.

7. Podiobooks

Podiobooks is the best option in favor of newer releases. All the books on this site are provided in the form of a serial manner so you can read the one that suits best on your needs and requirements. You will be finding the whole downloading process so much easy to do. This site offers the donation access in which the listener can donate the money straight to the book of any author. It’s just drawback is that for downloading the audiobooks, you have to create an account.

8. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is no doubt one of the classic based sites that let you download the books that are inside the public domain. In just few minutes you will be done with your downloading smoothly. Be the first one to use this site for downloading your favorite audiobooks. This site has just newly launched the human read audiobook s section as well. They bring an extensive collection of audiobooks.


In the summer season holidays, the teens are mostly looking for the best audiobooks to improve their vocabulary. Well, you don’t have to search around when SYNC is right here for you! AudioFile Magazine has sponsored this site. They bring you a massive collection of some outstanding and best audiobooks in your account.

10. Spotify

Last on our list; we have Spotify! Spotify brings you a considerable list of audiobooks that is entirely free to listen. This is one of the best sites to download your favorite audiobooks at any hour of the day. This site is not ad-free, but if you don’t want the obstruction of ads, then you can choose the premium package of this site.

How to Download Free Audiobooks From Spotify?

There are so many users who wants to know that how they can download audiobook mp3 from Spotify easily! Here is 3 free ways to download Spotify to MP3.

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